Automate production outsourcing and cooperate with other printing houses.

The Outsourcing Module is intended for printing houses and agencies, along with their business partners, who outsource their production.

It is also a solution for agencies and printing houses looking to expand their range of services without the need to purchase additional machinery.

Outsourcing automation

The outsourcing module makes handling your outsourced jobs less time- consuming and will bring order to the process.

Your business partners will receive all the necessary data directly in their panel. The system notifies you when the job has been paid for, and automatically delegates production to the subcontractor.

At the same time you remain in charge of all stages of production – you can monitor the subsequent processes until the order is shipped.

The Outsourcing Module offers a whole new range of opportunities as well as
a fully automatic production outsourcing process.

Main functions of the Outsourcing module

Product sharing

You can make your products available to other printers

Shared product acceptance method

The sharing party is the decision maker. E-mail notifications are available as an option


Set individual discounts for specific parties or default discounts for everyone

Real time quotes

Customers have access to up-to- date price lists at all times

Easy margin settings

Based on the starting price or fixed-amount margin added to the product

Completion time modifier

A percentage-based or numeric completion time extension

Delivery options

Set the same shipment option for the cart as the subcontractor offers

Shipping labels

Generate labels with the outsourcing party’s data


On-line and deferred payment avalible


Files uploaded by the customer are visible to both the outsourcing party and the subcontractor

Print statuses

Print statuses are changed by the subcontractor, accordingly with the settings in their system


Easy messaging between the outsourcing party and the subcontractor

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