Automatic Preflight

Validate uploaded files and give instant feedback to your customers.

The purpose of this module is to validate files uploaded by Customers.

Uploaded files are automatically validated for color space, dimensions, DPI, and bleeds

Upon uploading a file, the user receives feedback on the validation outcome, with information what needs to be amended in the uploaded file.

Main functions of the Automatic Preflight module

File validation

Automatic validation of files linked with a job

Graphic designer panel

Preflight linked with the graphic designer’s panel


DPI is calculated individually for all raster graphics in a pdf, and the user is notified if the value is too low

File size

File size tolerance setting: low, medium, high, or very high


The system validates if the CMYK colour system has been used

Page number

The system checks the number of pages against the parameter set for the given project


Bleed margins can be set individually for each product

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