Manage employees, machines, and implementation stages of individual jobs

The purpose of this module is production management by means of creating detailed subs-statuses under the main In print status.

The printing house can create any number of sub-statuses describing the production process. Every product, as needed, can use all of the sub-statuses, or only some of them.

Production module allows to create employee accounts and delegate individual persons to handle the respective subs-statuses.

Main functions of the Production module

Production management

Supervise your jobs and employees

Job flow

Full supervision over the course of order processing

Order statuses

Create any number of sub-statuses corresponding with relevant processes in the printing house

Employees panel

Staff members have a continuous view of processed tasks

Graphic designer panel

Your graphic designer has continuous access to uploaded files

Accounting panel

Manage your invoices and settlements

Shipping panel

A dedicated screen that makes the shipment manager’s job easier

Employee workload

View the number of tasks assigned to individual roles and persons

Work history

Monitor the number and time of tasks executed by your employees

Task queue

Neat and customizable employee task lists schedules

Access levels

Neat and customizable employee task lists schedules

Production formulas

Every product can be processed in a custom scenario

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